Board Members

Board Members

Adam Hasz

Adam’s experience leading advocacy campaigns and managing larger institutional projects have helped Peace Rising to develop and implement strategic long-term plans. Professionally, Adam works to develop new technologies that improve energy efficiency in his role as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow with the U.S. Department of Energy. He has ten years of experience in climate and clean energy advocacy and previously served as the executive coordinator of SustainUS. Adam received his Master’s in City Planning degree from MIT and received his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Urban Studies from Washington University.

Nai Kalema

Nai is an experienced researcher and international development professional whose work focuses on the political economy of climate change and development and investigates critical issues surrounding climate change: international governance infrastructures, socio-political constraints, and global power relations.  Nai’s international research expertise, as well as her experience in fundraising and organizational structure, have made her an invaluable member of Peace Rising’s board. Her research interests include sustainable urban development, innovation policy, and critical perspectives on climate change adaptation. From Harvard University, Nai earned her Master’s degree concentrating on international relations and a graduate certificate on social justice. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from George Washington University.

Thomas Delgado

Thomas Delgado founded Peace Rising, together with Amber, and helps ensure Peace Rising’s legal compliance. He also brings technical expertise and critical analysis to the organization, and provides oversight of our data management practices. Thomas studied computer science and philosophy at MIT and has used his coding knowledge to consult for social media based advertising strategy and build an affordable community organizing platform. He has advised the Peace Rising project from its earliest stages.

Balkissa Diallo

Balkissa’s reserch experience in global governance, water resources, migration and human security have made her an invaluable member of Peace Rising’s board, where she has contributed insight on our theory of change and perspective on the impact of our work in practice. Balkissa is currently a researcher and PhD student at Umass Boston. She previously earned a double Master’s degree in International Development and Environmental Studies at Ohio University, where she studied as a Fulbright Scholar. She graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History. Her research interests include irregular migration in West Africa, human security, water resource governance, regionalism and global governance.

Daniel Tatar

Daniel Tatar graduated from Brown University in 2014, Phi Beta Kappa, majoring in Economics, History, and Religious Studies. He has since worked at technology firms, in politics, and doing environmental advocacy. Dan brings an understanding of the financial needs of Peace Rising, while also being part of the organization’s ongoing research mission as a cultural and political reviewer for the team. He has conducted research on slavery, the end of Apartheid, and geopolitical events in prior roles. Dan serves as our Grant Writing Lead, as well as being our board Treasurer.