I am unable to attend, but I would like to submit content to be shared at the summit. What should I send, and how would my content be shared?

Interested speakers who are unable to attend in real time may submit at 5-10 minute video and/or written thoughts to be shared with attendees. Accepted videos will be shared in place of a real time speaker presentation and should include a) a brief introduction to yourself; b) the work you are presenting and how it is essential to creating a sustainable, equitable society; and c) how attendees who have questions or are interested in collaborating should contact you.

Written submissions will be read aloud as part of a panel discussion as though you were able to participate in real time. Written submissions should include a) a brief introduction to yourself and your work; b) what you have identified as the greatest challenges in your area of work, particularly in the context of circumstances you see coming in the months and years ahead; c) how those in your area of work, and allies across fields, can work together to address those challenges; and d) how attendees who have questions or are interested in collaborating should contact you.

Please send content submissions to team@peace-rising.org, and let us know which track you are submitting to. Thank you for your contribution!

My area of work is highly intersectional; may I speak in more than one track?

Yes, absolutely! We would love to have you join us for multiple tracks as time allows. Please contact us to arrange the tracks you would like to participate in. If you join us for multiple tracks, we would appreciate if you can tailor your presentation or discussion as relevant to each track.

I registered to speak at the summit as an individual speaker. What should I expect?

Prior to your presentation, we will briefly introduce you to attendees. After that, you will have approximately ten minutes to further introduce yourself and your work, and share your presentation. We would recommend budgeting a minute or two for pertinent questions at the end of your presentation. There will be time for additional Q&A during the 45-minute group discussion in each subject track. If you would like to share your screen, please let us know, and we will extend co-host privileges to you during your presentation. We will follow up with you during the week prior to the conference to confirm your presentation and materials, and answer any questions you might have.

I registered to speak at the summit as a panelist. What should I expect?

Because panel discussions will be followed by a 45-minute group discussion, we will keep them fairly quick and straightforward. Each panel discussion will last for 20 minutes, with an estimated 4 minutes of talk time per panelist. We will begin by asking each panelist to briefly introduce themselves and their work. Then, we will ask each panelist to share their thoughts on the greatest goals and challenges they have identified through their work and/or personal experience, as relevant to the track theme. The remainder of the time will be dedicated to discussing how panelists, colleagues, and allies can work together across fields to address those challenges. Additional discussion opportunities are available during the subsequent 45-minute group discussion session.

I registered but didn’t receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

If you registered but for any reason did not receive a confirmation email, please contact team@peace-rising.org.

I am speaking at the summit but haven’t presented on Zoom before. Can I get a tutorial in advance?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact team@peace-rising.org to request a time for a tutorial session. Additionally, if you have not used Zoom before, we recommend downloading familiarizing yourself with the Zoom client in advance.

Will the summit’s Slack workspace be maintained after the summit is finished?

Yes, our organizing team maintain the Slack workspace up and stay connected with the community after the summit. If an engaged community emerges, we will seek to keep it going.

I have a question that isn’t listed here. What should I do?

Please contact team@peace-rising.org, and we will get back to you right away. We appreciate any questions you send us and will use them to update this page with more helpful FAQs.