The COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has sickened millions of people around the world, with cases still increasing. Peace Rising is working to assist local policy makers during this urgent time to suppress viral spread and build resilience to the pandemic’s rippling social impacts.

Working with city council members and policy response coalitions, we will support urgent local policy development and conduct longer term vulnerability mapping.

Our initial policy work focuses on

  • Limiting the spread of the virus, 
  • Ensuring just policies for residents, 
  • Examining local capacity to enact policy goals, and
  • Identifying future scenarios to reduce uncertainty for policymakers.

This is a rapidly changing crisis. We are continuously adapting our capacity and effort to meet communities’ most urgent needs. Through transparency and targeted outreach, we plan to expand our policy work to support other municipalities — both locally and globally.

The COVID-19 crisis affects all parts of our society and will have long-term impacts on global food security, economic stability, international migration, and conflict. Addressing this crisis is urgent and in line with Peace Rising’s core mission to create a more resilient and peaceful world. The virus has shown us how interconnected we are — by strategically harnessing these connections we can stop this pandemic and create a more resilient world. 

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